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Friday, November 30, 2007

phew............ back from the wedding of Terry and Sulee..

its my 6th shoot in 7 days.. !!!!!

hahaa.... tiring.... but its worth it..
its always a joy to shoot someone else's wedding..
and its always so touching to see a couple so in love with each other..
tats why i love my job !!!!!!!!!! hee..........
1:16 AM


Thursday, November 29, 2007

its not often that I have a wedding on a Wednesday..
yup.. a mid week ! And thank god we had a good weather
during the outdoor shoot.. (it started to pour quite badly after the shoot)

Hope you guys have fun for your honeymoon..
some quick edit for the photos for today's shoot...

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2:58 AM


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just delivered the photos to Clive and Serene a few days ago. Its a very interesting wedding, and its the first time I saw a groom in a kilt, and a bride wearing the very traditional chinese gown (with the head gear) for the wedding.

These guys sure know how to make the wedding fun for them... and I enjoyed it very much too... Thanks to Clive and Serene for engaging my services for your big day..

and this was also the first time I talked to Hsin Yeow of ' A little Dream' http://alittledream02.livejournal.com/(after seeing them in numerous weddings..) I have always enjoyed their performance too...

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10:11 AM


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

finally delivered the fotos for derek and mathilda
a lovely couple.. and glad you guys like it..
a couple of my favorites from the wedding..

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4:50 AM


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ryan and Damien once told me.. you should try to get into MPA.. you will learn alot from it........... I was thinking then... hmm......... ya.. I will try.... but how is it like ? what do I gain from it ? what do they mean ???????

well.. fast forward to the present... I would say, the whole process was very enriching indeed.
It opened up my eyes to more things, and let me know what is a good picture. From the preparations, to the qualifications judging and to the competition judging, the input, the information I have recieved, are amazing.........

not forgeting the group of kakis who went through this together.. it was great to have you guys around .........

though I am totally exhausted after these few weeks, it was all worth it......


10:24 AM


yes !!!!!!! after weeks of preparations and many sleepless nites........
I am finally inducted into MPA !!!!! http://www.thempa.co.uk/index.php

Thanks to the panel of judges for the qualification, Charlie Lim, Matthew Tan, William Ng, Albert Lam, Ryan Wong..

Also attended a seminar by David Oliver http://www.davidoliver.com.au/, and like what William Ng said, it was a very inspiring talk that comes from the heart. We were indeed very lucky that we have such a good speaker this year.

I also entered the competition held yesterday.
And won the Avant Garde Wedding Category !!!!!!!!
Also got 2 awards or excellence in the Avant Garde Wedding Category and 1 award of excellence in the Classical Wedding Category.

Special thanks to William Ng and Ryan Wong for the mentorship, advices throughout this period. And telling me makes a good picture.
James, for your help in the prints, I know it was really busy for you... i appreciate it..

To the rest of the guys who endured the many sleepless nites together.. it was indeed not easy...
jonathan, damien, jingna, james, stephen, Ukay, kenneth......... congrats to u guys too.........

And of cos, thanks to all couples who have engaged my services.. I would not have done it without you.............

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9:58 AM


Thursday, November 1, 2007

a beautiful wedding of Judy and Lawrence at St Teresa...
wishing you guys marital bliss.........

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1:16 PM