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Friday, October 31, 2008

yeah.. sean (videographer) has updated the express highlights of Shawn and Sok Yee on his blog..

great working with him .. and some of my actual day photos are in the video..

check out the link here..


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4:27 PM


i know.. I have not been updating my blog..
was quite busy recently.. and still is..

will try to update more pictures..

on a side note.. I hope that couples who have made an appointment already...
would let me know if you guys cant make it..

it has happened again recently.. weekend again.. where a couple did not
turn up for an appointment.. without notifying me..
(and i forgot to store the number in my handphone).. so ended up waiting in the studio.. till late before i leave..

Alot of time is wasted in this way.. cos I do not stay in my studio.. in fact its about half an hour drive from my home..
Weekends and public holidays are precious to me if I am not shooting.. so please do not make me go down to the studio and wait in vain..

4:20 PM


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

thot this was quite cute..
during the wedding of edmund and florence..her dog.. pops up
wanting to have a share of the food too..

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7:32 AM


Sunday, October 5, 2008

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1:29 PM


this was taken during the wedding of jason and zayne..
it was actually raining quite heavily..
and somehow like the feel of these 2 pics.

cant decide which treatment is better.. anyone ?

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12:26 PM


Saturday, October 4, 2008

a rom I did at a new place...da paolo.. at 3 rochester Park..

a very nice couple and a giggly bride..

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6:19 AM


I like the mood of this photo..
looking forward to your wedding next week !!!

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12:59 AM


finally finished the prewed pics of marc and rebecca..
here are some that I liked..

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12:11 AM


Friday, October 3, 2008

oh..after my previous recomendation of
a bollywood movie.. Aaja Nachle

I have to recommend another one..

Om Shanti Om

a pity no subtitles here.. hee...

yeah.. I watched this during my flight to india in April..
Very nice movie.. and was the highest earning Hindi film in 2007
Just read from the papers today that it actually earned US$45 million worldwide !

but i stil prefer the songs in Aaja Nachle... more catchy... hee.

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10:31 PM


yeah.. i know i have been a bad blogger..
have not blogged much in recent weeks..

this month have been pretty busy..
busy with editing, preweds and weddings..

gonna be the same till cny.. at least.

anyway.. will post some pics up soon..
10:16 PM