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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

probably my last post for the year..
here is wishing everyone a happy new year and a prosperous 2009..

As the year comes to a close in a few hours' time..
we reflect on the rights and wrongs we have done for the past year.. and hope to get things right in the coming year..

there have been a couple of things weighing in my mind recently.. some major decisions.. and some not.. some regarding the business.. and some about other matters.. but watever it is .. 2009 will be an exciting year..
my designer has also been working on my new webby already .. so hopefully it can be unveiled before the end of jan..

I will strive to continue delivering great pictures.. not just for weddings.. but for other genre of photography as well..

Finally my heartflet thanks again to everyone, friends,customers and strangers who have supported me thus far..

cheers !!!
3:47 PM


okok... have been posting too many bridal pics..

here are some pics taken recently with a ever wonderful Jac Sue.
It's always great working with her..
also wishing you a great career ahead...


3:39 PM


did a quick processing for a few pics of Glenn and Peifen's wedding.. to put on the Videographer's DvD cover..

loved the expressions they have as they walked down the aisle for the 2 march ins..
always wonder wats on the minds of couples at that moment..
probably i might know one day as I walked down the aisle with my other half too.. hee..

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3:28 PM


caught this image when the bride is wearing her shoes..
somehow i love the feel of this..

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3:26 PM


Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry xmas to all the readers out there !!!!!!!

1 final picture before I hit the bed..

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5:51 AM


Monday, December 22, 2008

it was suggested that we should have a photoshoot for xmas for all wpn members..
so there we are at dempsey.. after a round of Ben and Jerrys ice cream.. all ready for the shoot..
great weather last week.. and very nice light..
it was tiring and crazy.. n i think we are really all better off staying behind the camera and not in front of it.. haha..

some pics of the day..


3:59 PM


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

had a great shoot yesterday..
blessed with good weather (despite being rainy for the last few weeks)
And of cos a very energetic couple..

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11:30 PM


quite like this.. a cute expression

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10:57 PM


2 of my favs in a prewed some time ago..

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10:53 PM


Friday, December 12, 2008

the wedding of adrian and val was a very teary one..
probably due to the wet weather that day.. hee..

It was a very touching scene..
and nice settings at One Rochester

Some teary pics from the wedding..

click to see bigger version..

oh yeah.. n this is the highlights of the wedding..
think all wedding should be like this.. where everyone really enjoyed themselves..

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5:22 PM


last weekend was one of the hottest wedding date this month..
and it was great working working with Dino from Brilliantpic...

Great couple as well.... in fact only met up with Glenn on the
day itself..

Here is the express highlights for the dinner..
Photos are from me of course.. ..


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4:53 PM


Friday, December 5, 2008

1:47 PM


Thursday, December 4, 2008

sigh.. spend money again..
but am really glad to say that I have gotten my 5Dmk2 !!!

yeah.. its a great camera.. and i love every bit of it..

prob need to learn more about the video functions.. and see
what intersting things I can do with it..
and of cos got to learn video editing.. haha..


11:05 PM


it has been a crazy november..
and december crept in without any warning.. argh... !!!

time flies..

many shoots, and many editing..
cant wait for me to clear my work..
at the same time.. battling some personal issues..
so it has been extremely taxing for me..

apologies for my late replies in emails.
cos really no time to clear them.. will reply all emails asap.

this month also marks my 2 years of having my studio..
good news is that I have extended my lease for another 2 years !
I still love my place .. and loving it more each day ! yipee..
10:58 PM