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Sunday, August 31, 2008

some bridals shots from greece...

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1:19 AM


Saturday, August 30, 2008

home finally..
it was a good flight..
even managed to watch quite a number of good movies.
haha.. something I have not done for a while.. has been
so busy that watching movies is really a luxury..

ok.. time to unpack.. then its back to studio..
8:33 AM


Friday, August 29, 2008

yup.. back in paris !!!!!!
yeah.. love it here man.. the weather just feel great !!

and we found a really cheap n nice hotel just 5 mins from the
airport.. just nice, since we have to get a plane back to Singapore
tomorrow.. initial plan was to stay over at the airport.. haha..


1:33 AM


Thursday, August 28, 2008

finally.. made our trip back to Athens today..

it was a cool morning when we left santorini todae..
i pulled myself out of bed to watch the beautiful sunrise again..
walked thru the streets of Oia for the last time.... taking a few more pictures before the tourists crowds come in..

stray dogs are always following me around in the morning..
though they are big,they are actually a friendly bunch..
the only thing that really bothers me is the dog shit..haha..
by late morning.. they will be hiding somewhere else, culled up and resting when
the sun is up...quite a good life huh ?

hope to make my way back here again.. if not for my wedding, then it will
be for other couples ? hee.. do contact me if any readers out there
want to do a shoot here next year... definitely a great place for couples..

anyway. some last shots here from this morning..
tonnes of other photos.. but that will come very much later..yah..
much later when i got the time..

think i need to get a new laptop too.. (yeah.. this antique i have here
is killng me !!!)

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4:12 AM


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

some more shots of paris...

got to go back to packing later.. then its back to athens tomorrow morning..
then paris, then home !!! YEAH.. lots of transits.. haha..

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5:37 PM


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5:32 PM


haha... saw this along the street..
I think this donkey is used for the routes up amoudi and armeni..

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4:46 PM


one of the many cats and dogs found here in Oia.

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4:36 PM


Monday, August 25, 2008

edited some more pics of paris..
here are some taken in the metro..

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8:24 PM


yeah.. here i m again at meteor cafe.. logging onto the internet
thanks to kelvin who mentioned on his blog about the free wifi here..
haha.. a nice place with nice decor, nice staff..... nice music..
perfect settings to hide from the hot summer heat outside...

tomorrow will be our last day here.. so taking it easy..
cos its gonna be a busy sept once I am back in sg..
well.. busy till CNY... so.. dun wan to push this aging body too much..

anyway.. here are some pics of the cafe.. taken yesterday..
a pity din have my wide angle lens wif me.. hee.. maybe take
somemore today since my 12-24 is here rite now..

oh ya.. this place got an amazing view out of the window.. nice place..
haha.. i can stay here all day..

click for larger images

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4:20 PM


Sunday, August 24, 2008

this was taken on the way back up to Oia from Armeni..
The donkeys ferry tourists up to Oia.. (for those who dun want to take the 200
over steps up by foot) .. haha..
Once the tourists are back up .. the donkeys actually dash down back to Armeni..
quite a scary experience.. cos the whole group of them actually dashed down without stopping.. so we got to hide in a corner to avoid them..
And the most scary thing after that ? its to avoid all the donkey shit left behind.. haha....

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6:02 PM