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Monday, December 31, 2007

yeah !!!!!!

it has been a hectic year...
quitted my banking job last August.. and went full time in photography..
It has been a great .. but also a busy period for me..
Any regrets in quitting my job ? well .. definitely no.. though I work harder (24/7 on most days) I am happier too..

Set up my studio in Dec 2006 with alot of help from my different group of friends. From logistics, advice, money, equipment etc etc etc .............. Me having zero knowledge from setting up a studio to where it is now...
It will not be successful without them... you guys know who you are.......
Thanks very much !!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course.. my thanks to all my couples who have decided to place their faith in me
to help them with their wedding photography. The past past year has been good cos of your support..

Though having started my business as a freelancer for a few years already.. the past year as a fulltimer has propelled me to greater heights.. having been inducted into MPA http://www.thempa.com/, winning awards from there, and also consistently having images in the top 20 placing of AGWPJA.. http://www.agwpja.com/
I will work harder in the coming year.. for myself and for my couples..

cheers !!!!
1:21 PM


phew.. finally.. a word i used ever so often...

finally i got time to blog again...
yup... have been so tied up with weddings for the last 3 weeks, that I got no time to blog or post pictures at all...

finally can take a breather.....
i was having 8 shoots in the last 9 days.. only a day's break in between them..

finally.. a day when I can wake up late.. cos no weddings on New Year's Eve..

hmm.. but not finally taking a rest.. cos will be heading out soon for a meeting.. yup.. work again.. haha...........
1:15 PM


Sunday, December 9, 2007

I had a fun and short maternity shoot with Tim and Leesan today.
Well.. Lee San was my ex-colleague from the bank, and we met each other again at a friend's Wedding.. So she suggested that we do a shoot today before her little baby arrives.. so here are some of the shots..


12:14 AM


Friday, December 7, 2007

A picture I quite like taken during the wedding of Shanty and Jacqueline..

A very nice setting at siloso beach..

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1:36 AM