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Monday, November 24, 2008

it was a great weekend that just passed..

covered 2 very nice weddings..

Cha Kun and Sammi.. who are based overseas and specially flew back for the wedding..
Met up with them 1 year ago.. and it was great to see them back in
Singapore..there is just so much love between them....

Bruce and Phyllis.. a lovely couple.. who did not want the standard gatecrashing and wedding banquet thingy.. it was a simple affair held at changi village hotel.. though i was there for the whole day.. it felt nice.. And Bruce is certainly a funny guy.. thanks for taking good care of both the videographer and myself...

pictures got to wait.. still bz clearing tonnes of work..
1:56 PM


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

yeah !!!!!! its MPA http://www.thempa.co.uk/index.php
in SG again this year..
and I am pleased to announce that I have got my Associate this year !!!

Thanks to the panel of judges.. Charlie Lim, Matthew Tan, William Ng, Albert Lam, Ryan Wong and Colin Buck for the qualifications..

Thanks to Matthew for the advices given in the last few days..

Special Thanks to William Ng and Ryan Wong for the help and mentorship rendered for the grading.. and James for the beautiful prints.. and of cos Karen for the last minute framings.. it would not have happened without you guys..

Finally thanks to all my couples who have made this happen...

will put up a slideshow of the images.. IF i got the time.. haha..

Also glad to have received my award of excellence for the BIPP (Bristish Professional Photography Awards) overseas competition in Landscape and travel..

the photo I submitted is this.. (limited copies of this foto will be available for sale, framed, signed by me and printed on hahnemuhle fine art paper. Contact me at
will03@williamchua.com for enquiries)

Attended a workshop by one of the Top photorapher of the world.. Yervant.,
it was really a very enriching experience.. and hope to put what I have learnt to good use..

a shot taken together with Yervant and Joho..

overall it has been a great 2 days.. with delegates coming in from malaysia, HongKong, Singapore... and meeting some of my singaporean peers....
looking forward to MPA again in 2009..

and as usual... really very tired out in the past week with so much running around and the lack of sleep.. but its back to work and clearing backlog now..

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2:25 PM


Thursday, November 6, 2008

we did not do any studio shoot for andy n audrey..
we started from their house.. and proceeded on outdoors..
it was a great shoot with the couple ..and definitely looking forward to their
wedding next month...

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1:12 PM


finally completed the fotos of anson and angela..
and here is one I liked..

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1:07 PM


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i know this is a relatively cluttered picture...
which is not a good thing..
but somehow.. I quite like this picture..

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5:29 AM


finally completed the prewedding pics of Gary and Wendy
she is the 3rd sister I shot for the koh family.. haaha

one of the places we went to for the shoot.was shenton way..
yes.. again.. though I have shot there alot of times..
the place still always looked interesting to me..
prob cos I work there b4 ? haha..

anyway.. here is 1 pic from there..

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5:15 AM


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

was going thru the greece photos .. and found 1 that caught my attention..

thhis is wat I get after the editing...
quite like it..

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6:51 AM


Sunday, November 2, 2008

some of my favs for the prewed of Ming and elaine..

we were quite lucky that day..and blessed with very nice light..

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4:06 AM