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Monday, February 25, 2008

HEE....... yeah.. i have a wedding on my birthday !!!
hahaha.. nope.. not my wedding..
Met up with a wonderful couple todae, and their wedding happens
to be on my birthday !!!

ANyway.. Garrett and Pauline, you guys rocks.. and I am
definitely looking forward to your wedding..
4:26 AM


Sunday, February 17, 2008

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8:56 AM


we were in the lion's park and taking photos with the lions when this scene came before me.....

as I was looking thru the view finder, i realised that the lioness is slowly creeping up on my dad, n attempting to bite him ( for fun or wat, i dun know) ..

I really got a shock of my life, fortunately, the trainer pulled the lion away in time.. else .. i dunno wat will happen.. yeaks !!!!!


2:47 AM


Saturday, February 16, 2008

just collected the velvia film from the africa trip..

quite like these 3..

taken on top of table mountain.. quite like the feel of it..

table mountain from a distanc.......

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7:56 PM


brought along a lomo camera along for my africa trip.
it was gerat.. and i think it produced great results..

all the shots here are taken with a HORIZON PERFEKT Lomo camera.
More about it here http://shop.lomography.com/horizon/perfekt/

sunset at signal hill cape town, with the lion's head on the left

cape of good hope

V and A Waterfront

cape point

voortrekker monument

union buildings at pretoria

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3:42 PM


Thursday, February 14, 2008

haha.. find this pic quite interesting........
so close to the elephants......
n the light is so beautiful.........


6:48 PM


back from my CNY break.
South Africa is such a great place....
Its undergoing alot of construction work now in preparations for World Cup 2010

Will talk more about it in the later posts..

This is one of my favourite picture ...

The rhinos were actually preparing to charge at us in one of our game drives...
We were on our way back to the game lodge... when these rhinos appeared and blocked our passageway..
As our driver tried to proceed forward carefully.. the baby rhino was startled..and so the rest of the rhinos turned our way.. preparing to charge..

Our driver quickly reversed the vehicle.. a few metres away..only to get a flat tyre.........

but luckily the rhinos did not proceed further..
It was dark by then.. and we have to get out of the vehicle so that our driver can change the tyre...

quite an experience, darkness, in the middle of the game reserve, and we can still hear the rhinos making noises a short distance away...(hoping no other animals appear out of nowhere)

from a faint distance, we can see the rescue vehicle approaching, but it did not proceed further.. cos of the rhinos again..

by the time the rescue vehicle made a detour to reach us.. we were quite done.. and ready to drive back to the game lodge..

hahaa......... quite a memorable experience......

and yes.. this was how the tyre was changed, in the middle of the nite in the game reserve


2:06 PM


Mandy has got to be the most expressive bride I had in 2007.
A lovely couple, who engaged my services without even meeting up with me.
In fact, got to meet Mandy only 2 days before the wedding and Shawn on the actual day itself.

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3:37 AM