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Saturday, January 31, 2009

was caught in a heavy snowstorm in our journey yesterday..
and it got me all excited..
here are some pics i really like..
Karen.. if you are reading this.. i need to frame more pics.. haha..

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2:57 AM


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

as usual.. am not in sg during this festive season..
it has been a yearly family trip since long time ago..

here are some pics to share.. toning of the bnw might not be the best
at the moment.. cos workking off my trusty (cos never breakdown b4) but
very old laptop.. haha..

will be looking forword to developing my film stuffs when i m home..

anyway.. should not be difficult to guess where im now from the pics..
got to go for breakfast now.. long journey today.. (means sleeping time)

btw.. .. i think this is a nice place for bridals too..
anyone interested ?hee....

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11:06 AM


Thursday, January 22, 2009

here's wishing everyone a happy new year from WPN..

had a really fun shoot with the guys at my studio the other day..

and here is the video that yushin did.. withe the 5Dmk2 of cos... hahaha..

WPN CNY Shoot from yuhsin on Vimeo.


6:19 PM


Friday, January 16, 2009

this was a full day wedding held at one of my favorite hotels.
Changi Village hotel..
Bruce and phyllis had a solemnisation there and a simple lunch for
relatives and a nice dinner at the italian restaruant for friends..
The dinner was a very simple and cosy affair.. and it was nice of the
couples to get me and the videographer a seat as well..
Took the couple around the area for some portrait shots.. and these are some
quick edits done.. rest of photos will have to come later..
Oh yeah.. and Bruce is defintiely one funny guy.. very differnt perception of him
when he first came by my studio .. haha..

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6:35 PM


Thursday, January 15, 2009

a lovely wedding..
the morning started at aloha chalet.. cos sook yee's family came down from malaysia for the weddding..
and we were blessed with very good weather that day ..
Dinner was at marriott.. where shawn surprised his bride with a song..
love it.....

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6:30 PM


a very nice couple.. who booked me very very early .. more than 1 year in advance..
the portrait shots are taken in the house.. yup.. portraits taken in the house.. can look very nice too..

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5:33 PM