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Friday, August 15, 2008

Although this is my 3rd time in Paris already.. I still love this place quite alot..
Think the last time I was here was in hmm.. 2002 ? hah.. cant really remember.. I was still in Reuters then..

weather has been good this summer.. very differnt from the last 2 times i was here.. once was in Spring, the other time was in Winter.. was worried that summer might be too hot for comfort.. but.. I would say.. its very comfortable..

photography aspect was very much differnt too.. those were the years when I was still using film.. and was just a photo enthusiast.. I have always wanted to make a trip back here for some serious shooting.. and this was the perfect chance.. hee..
though.. did not managed alot of shots.. (cos was working) here are 2 that I quite liked...............bridal pics will come later

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