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Monday, September 8, 2008

have been a busy weekend with weddings...
both very nice and teary weddings...

The wedding of Adrian and Val on Saturday was a very interesting one indeed..
They realy have lots of fun during the wedding dinner held at One Rochester..
Its not the normal chinese dinner banquet. but one that is filled with lots of
laughter, songs, dance, tears and rain... haha.. yes.. rain.. but it did not dampen the spirits one bit.. I thought the whole mood was lifted up further with the rain..

very good speeaches from the couple, best man, and maid of honour..
it sure made everyone tear.. me as well..

Another wedding yesterday.. on my birthday !!! hahaa.. Garett and Pauline
are a wonderful couple.... She is from Hong Kong and he is from Singapore..
really interesting to see how people from differnt parts of the world get together..And it was interesting to find out that the groom, florist, Beaufort Sales Rep, myself are all Virgos.. haha

Pauline is defintiely a emotional bride.. lots of tears, and another tearful speech too.. all the best to you guys and enjoy your honeymoon...

read something from Joho's blog.. about touching weddings and such.. yup.. agree with him.. weddings touched me in many ways.. and alot of times.. some weddings really make me tear.. As the person behind the viewfinder.. i really enjoyed alot of touching moments that unfold before me.. if you see me teary eyed in a wedding.. yes.. i teared..

On a sidenote.. I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.. yup.. was working hard on my birthday.. but I enjoyed every part of it.. hee.. thanks to Garett and Pauline for the birthday present too..

This August/ September marks the 2 yrs that I have been a professional photographer.. having left my bank job then.. I think these 2 years have not been easy.. but thanks to everyone for helping me along the way..
8:05 AM