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Monday, February 23, 2009

when michelle contacted me for her ROM last year..
I was glad that she probed further about my availability..
Cos I was actually booked for half a day already..and
I coveniently told her I was not available anymore..
If she did not asked further about my schedule (hers was in the evening, while
I was booked in the day).. I would probebly not be shooting her ROM

And I was glad I did.

The couple stayed in one of those colonial housing in seletar camp..
and after the ROM.. they will be moving out soon..
It was a very nice and cosy ROM held in the house..
A bubbly couple, good friends and family..
And I hoped you guys have fond memories of the place thru the slideshow..

On a sidenote.. it was sad to see that seletar camp will no longer
be wat it was anymore.. as the place is due for developments..
In fact, as I am writing here.. the whole landsscape have changed already...

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